Nut Free Venues in GTA?

I've just begun the daunting task of finding a venue for my wedding (Summer 2013, date is not final) and as an added challenge, my fiance and his sister (one of my bridesmaids) have a severe peanut and tree-nut allergy. 

If anyone can recommend any venues that have been good at accommodating guests with these needs it would be much appreciated! We're looking for more non-traditional venues, something hip and artsy but not terribly expensive and with a larger capacity (150 min.). No banquet halls!


Re: Nut Free Venues in GTA?

  • The Estates of Sunnybrook have been very accomodating for my FI's dairy intollerance (which is severe, he would be sick for a week from eating something baked with butter). They even prepared him a special meal at the tasting dinner. 
  • I have no specific recs since I don't live in the GTA exactly, but I really think most places are going to be accommodating these days. Allergies are so common. You just have to ask!
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  • Ditto PP. We have a number of severe allergies in my family.. from nuts to mustard. Let your caterer know and it is their job to ensure the food meets your standards and will work with you to customize where necessary. 

    I used to do work for Anaphylactic Canada and it is SUCH a common thing these days that it is not even remotely a strange request for a caterer!! 
  • I would assume so, however we have been invited to many weddings in the past, and most venues say it's no problem. Then they call back a week later noting something that they can't guarantee that's a dealbreaker. 

    We do plan to have a clause in the contract to protect us from something like that, and since we are in control of the desserts it should be less of an issue for our own wedding. I did get in contact with Oliver & Bonacini about their restaurants and they are very accommodating, so there's an option with them.
  • We are at Arcadian court (O&B) and the venue has been very good regarding my brother's severe nut allergy. It is also suitable for a larger wedding (150+).
    If you choose a nut free menu there is no reason any venue cannot work with you to either make the whole wedding nut-free or to ensure a specific guest has no contact with nuts.
    FYI there are a number of totally nut-free bakeries such as the cupcake shoppe that you should check out.
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