to DIY centerpieces or not (PIP)

I also posted this in the DIY board but wanted to get some local input!
My fiance and I have finally agreed on branches for our Nov 24 wedding. I am more than willing to do the work for the centerpieces because the cost per centerpiece is quite high.
Do you think we can DIY this centerpiece?
Do you think we should buy branches from Ikea or the dollar store OR should we collect branches from parks?
What size vase do you think is used/would be best? 
Sorry for the bad photo

Any input would be great! Thanks!

Re: to DIY centerpieces or not (PIP)

  • I really like that!  I think you can collect the twigs yourself-go for an afternoon hike and collect them there.Not sure where you are located but I am sure you cannot be far from some place wooded.  As for vases I would check kijiji-I am also a November bride-lucky us for being off season so loads of people are looking to get rid of vases and such they bought for their weddings
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  • check out a site called Koyal. they have all types of vases and branches and ebellishments for a descent price. i am DIYing my centerpieces also and hoping they turn out like the pic.
  • Check out as well - there's a number of brides who are selling their items there.
  • We DIY-ed our centrepieces (well, my husband's mother put the flowers together).
    If you don't find anything for sale that meets what you're looking for, go to China Town and walk in the Trading Co stores - lots of cheap vases!

    We bought 12 purple vases for $27 - they were $1.99 each from a little trading co on Spadina near Baldwin Ave.
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