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Hi brides,

I need your help!  My fiance and I have just decided to move our wedding date from Aug. 2012 to this February.  Everything should work out just fine, but I haven't ordered bridesmaid dresses yet!  I have to BMs in Saskatchewan, one in BC and two in ON.  Do any of you have experience with online companies, or have you rush ordered dresses?  Any ideas of stores with off the rack bridesmaid dresses?  I don't want to make my maids pay too much for rush delivery, and I want them to have time for alterations.  Thanks!

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    Are you particular about having all the girls wear the exact same dress? You could always give them a colour and they have to find a dress in that colour...

    Otherwise, I'd look into David's Bridal. I had a girlfriend in the states where the same thing happened and the bridesmaids were from all over. They ordered their dresses from David's Bridal....

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    try jcrew. i ordered some dresses there and they came really quick. they have sales on some of their dresses too.
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    My wedding is in March and we are putting in the order this week. My bridesmaids are all over Canada.

    I would suggest that you choose a designer that can be found across the country and ask your girls to try on dresses locally. Pick a colour, and put in your order at one store near you. Apparently any designers under the Dessy group (, like Alfred Sung are very reliable on their shipment dates. I have been told that if I order this week the dresses will arrive by January 21. A rush order to get them sooner is between $30-50/dress depending on the store.

    The problem with David's Bridal is that currently there are only two stores in Canada, and they are both in Toronto. So your girls will not be able to try stuff on.

    Since you are tight on time, I would suggest ordering your dresses from Ritche on Avenue Road north of Lawrence. After scouting out most of the stores in Toronto, I found them to be the most dependable. You also wouldn't want a store to go bankrupt when you have tight timelines.

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    I used David's Bridal for the BM dresses (I had some in the US and some in Canada) I ordered the dress for my sister and it came in 5 weeks! If you order a more common colour (we did black) they come in really quick.

    They have all the measurments online so just have your girls get measured by a tailor and select the appropriate size.

    Good luck! We are having a Feb wedding too!!
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    You could try Sears- they have some nice bridemaids dresses but selection and colour is more limited.
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