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    Knottie Name JamiesonCampbell
    Wedding Date October 20, 2012
    Location of Wedding (City/Town, Province) Cambridge - wedding at African Lion Safari!!!
    Main Wedding Colour(s) black & white
    Accent Wedding Colour(s) apple green
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Canadian Knotties Bio List</a>:
    [QUOTE]Knottie Name JamiesonCampbell Wedding Date October 20, 2012 Location of Wedding (City/Town, Province) Cambridge - wedding at African Lion Safari!!! Main Wedding Colour(s) black & white Accent Wedding Colour(s) apple green
    Posted by JamiesonCampbell[/QUOTE]

    African Lion Safari!?! SO FUN!
    ~*June 2013 Sig Challenge: Our Cake*~
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    Knottie Name: souptin
    Wedding Date: Nov 17th OR 24th 2012
    Location of Wedding Toronto
    Main Wedding Colour(s): undecided
    Accent Wedding Colour(s) undecided
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    Thank you!!!.. i didn't even know they did weddings until  I found it on google :)
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    Jld 22 June 13 Purple and silver Northern Ontario
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    odd...I know I filled this out...maybe TK ate it?

    Knottie Name: Souptin
    Wedding Date November 17th 2012
    Location of Wedding : Toronto, Arts and Letters Club
    Main Wedding Colour(s) Navy Blue
    Accent Wedding Colour(s) undecided
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    Knottie Name: unchatenfrance
    Wedding Date: May 2012
    Location of Wedding Hamilton, ON
    Main Wedding Colour(s): navy and fuchsia
    Accent Wedding Colour(s) ivory
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    Hi, I'm an event planner working out of Toronto and would love to help you make your day perfect! My company is still small and I've kept it that way so that I can concentrate and and give my attention to a minimal number of brides I was a bride that was ignored. I only do one wedding per month so no chance of double booking on your day. If you are interested you can drop me a line at I look forward to speaking with you, Shein
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    Knottie Name: MochaPJ
    Wedding Date; July 14, 2012
    Location of Wedding (City/Town, Province): Cambridge, ON
    Main Wedding Colour(s): Watermelon, tangerine
    Accent Wedding Colour(s): White
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    Knottie Name: sstewart299
    Wedding Date: December 28, 2012
    Location of Wedding (City/Town, Province) Hamilton, Ontario
    Main Wedding Colour(s) Red & gold
    Accent Wedding Colour(s) Black

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    Knottie Name: AEPerpete
    Wedding Date: October 12, 2012
    Location of Wedding: Newcastle, ON
    Main Wedding Colour(s) Turquoise and Browns
    Wedding Countdown Ticker image 95 Invited
    image 70 Are ready to party!
    image 10 Will be missing out!
    image 15 Are MIA!
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    Wedding Date: August 17, 2013
    Location: Hamilton, Ontario
    Main colours: Burgandy
    Accent Colours: Purple and ivory

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    Hi everyone!! I'm just newly engaged and we're still in the planning process but I wanted to stop in and introduce myself.
    Knottie Name: meghasaurus
    Wedding Date: September 20, 2013 (probably)
    Location of Wedding (City/Town, Province): Toronto, Ontario
    Main Wedding Colour(s): Bold Blue, deep Purple, Green (like a peacock feather)
    Accent Wedding Colour(s): Gold
    Planning Bio Link (if you don't have, TK default bio will be used): I don't have any idea what this is :)
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    just noticed that my  wedding colours weren't on the bio list!

    main colours: brown, beige
    accent colours: orange, red, sunflower yellow
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    Knottie Name: BrittneyDavid
    Wedding Date: October 19th 2013
    Location of Wedding (City/Town, Province): Mississauga/Woodbridge, ON
    Main Wedding Colour(s): Blue
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    Knottie Name

    Wedding Date
    August 2014 (TBC)

    Location of Wedding (City/Town, Province)

    Main Wedding Colour(s)
    Purple, least thats what I'm thinking at the moment

    Accent Wedding Colour(s)
    Cream and any natural green (hoping for lots of foliage and an outdoor garden feel)

    I really have no idea what I'm doing. So much so that I don't even know what the last two "bio" questions are regarding. 

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    Okay, all the entries since January have been added/updated.  Sorry for the delay - I'm the old Mod, but not on here much since I got married over 2 years ago!

    Some people had questions about this:

    1. The "Planning Bio" refers to any website you may have for your guests or for your planning process that you want to share.  If you don't have one, I use the hyperlink on your Knottie name - takes everyone to your planner and favourite pages.  These planning bios are so fun to look at - so please share!

    2. The "Married Bio" refers to any other blog you may have for after you are married, or for pro pics, etc.  If you have any other blog that you continually use, you can put it there as well.

    3. If you don't have a set date, I just use the first Saturday of the month and year you mentioned until you update me.

    Anything you would like to update just post here and I will check back periodically and update the site.

    Happy Planning Brides to Be! :)

    Littlin (Kathleen)
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    Knottie name: bellabosco
    Wedding date: May 24,2014
    Location of wedding: Woodbridge, Ontario

    Colours: Purple, white, silver

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    Knottie Name: yellowdaisies84
    Wedding Date: Sept 21st, 2013
    Location of Wedding Niagara Region (at a winery)
    Main Wedding Colour(s): Chocolate brown
    Accent Wedding Colour(s) Ivory
    "It's always better when we're together." -Jack Johnson
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    OnLAOnLA member
    First Anniversary First Comment
    Knottie Name - goes back to Jr. High and means nothing...tends to be my online name for everythingWedding Date - still to be determined but we're looking at April 2014 (or October 2014)Location of Wedding - Toronto (Or Fredericton or St. John's)Main Wedding Colour(s) - Purple & Black Accent Wedding Colour(s) - Silver & Green
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    Knottie Name: normaaj

    Wedding Date: August 16th, 2014

    Location of Wedding (City/Town, Province): Bracebridge, Ontario

    Main Wedding Colour(s): Black & White

    Accent Wedding Colour(s): Fushia

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    Knottie Name: LizaPoulos
    Wedding Date: June 6, 2014
    Location of Wedding: Toronto, Ontario
    Main Wedding Colours: Tangerine, Grey
    Accent Wedding Colour: Chartreuse
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