Rustic, laid back venue ideas (budget friendly)

I am completely lost in trying to find a wedding venue that fits out budget.
I would like something rustic and relaxed and am far from being a banquet hall person. It needs to be north or east of Toronto we are actually from York region and north but with family in Durham
as well but we don’t want to go into the city.
Our problem is that we come from such large families that our guest list reaches 120 with only super close friends and only guests with married/long term partners.
We have an entire wedding budget of 10,000 but in order to get good food and drinks the venues alone are reaching over that cost. I enjoyed the Kortright Centre but it just doesn't seem feasible as the cost to have it there is over 10,000 and there is still other items to consider (ie photography) . I would love to be able to have my ceremony & reception at the same place.

We would like to have an evening ceremony done by candles and lanterns and then a cocktail reception afterwards so no sit down dinner. Understandably we have to have the correct food to alcohol ratio and my fiancé is adamant about having an open bar.
I have been having no luck finding a place. Ideally I want a really laid back, summer BBQ, bonfire and dancing kind of wedding. Any tips???? Any suggestions??

Re: Rustic, laid back venue ideas (budget friendly)

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    Consider getting a wedding planner to assist with getting a venue only.  My FI and I had issues with pricing for venues too so we ended up getting a wedding planner just to help us with getting a venue and negotiating for pricing - everything else my FI and I, and likely my BP, will be doing a lot of DIY'ing. But so far, the same venues that were quoting me $120 per head are now quoting me anywhere between $75 to $90 per head and that's before the negotiations have begun.  We have one more venue to check out before we make our final decision. 

    I definitely recommend getting a planner - they usually  have a lot of inside info as well - like which venue make likely not be here in the upcoming year, what their kitchen is like and of course, inside pricing.  It's well worth it!  If you want info on our planner, check out Leena at Let's Party Consultants.

    Also consider that for your open bar, maybe serving wine and beer only will cut down on costs?  How about checking a local restaurant?  Someone posted in a thread earlier to check out Bluffers Restaurant.  That's out by Scarborough Bluffs, but she apparently had a great deal and got everything around 10K.

    The only other option - how about a rec or community centre?  You could just have your food catered and you can buy the alcohol yourselves and just get a decorator.  See if the Durham police have a banquet hall - I know the Peel Regional police have one and they were charing $900 plus HST to use it but my guest count exceeding their limits so I couldn't use them.
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    A good friend of mine got married at the Gibson Centre in Allison Not sure how expensive it was but it was an awesome venue... Its a converted historical building of some kind? haha

    Not sure what the prices are but they have their own catering and she told me that they are really flexible! 

    They also have some B&B's in the area that my friend was considering.... Alliston may be a good area...

    Hopefully that helps!
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    My fiance and I are getting married the Madsen's of Newmarket....It's greenhouse and it has an outdoor or indoor ceremony space.  The pricing is also very reasonable and worth checking out.  Another Suggestion is Kortwright Conservation area....they have beautiful glass enclosed house and they also perform outside ceremonies.

    Hope this helps!

  • Oh Leah -- you are my wedding twin!!!  Did you ever find a venue?  I have the exact same description of what I want, but can't find anything in my budget.
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