Caribbean Destination Wedding Suggestions? Anyone know of a good resort for a wedding?

Hey There- I just got engaged and am feeling a little overwhelmed trying to find a reasonable place for a destination wedding.  Any suggestions on great resorts with reasonable pricing ($1800-2200) a person would be great!  Am open to any suggestions except anywhere in Mexico.


Re: Caribbean Destination Wedding Suggestions? Anyone know of a good resort for a wedding?

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    Honestly I think 1800 is WAYYY to much money for a guest to pay in order to attend a wedding, we go away twice a year for under 1600 for the THREE of us...(my son is under 4 though) each trip..  

    Gorgeous places to check out...  

    Iberostar Daquiri in Cayo Coco Cuba,
    Luperon in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic
    TRYP in Cayo Coco Cuba
    the Grand Vantana in Pu  nta Cana Dominican Republic   
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    Thanks for the suggestions Jmatth01.  Just out of curiousity- where do you go for $1600 for three people and at what time of year?  I was looking at prices for October of 2012 and it seems as though 1800 was the norm per person.  I will check out the places you suggested!
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    we are also looking at a wedding away. We are looking at Jamaica in jan 2012.  the price per person looks like about 1600 for a week.  we are going to be talking to a travel agent as well and getting a quote which last for a week for a group rate.  we have been told it ends up being cheaper per person with a group.  or when you book 10 you get the 11th person for free.  talk to some travel agents...they will give you some advise too.
    when we looked at the different place we noted that the ceremony is in english and you don't have to go through a whole lot of stuff to get married. Mexico you have to have blood tests and chest xrays)
    Good luck with your planning!
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