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DJs in Toronto

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and this is my first post.

I'm wondering if anyone has been to any weddings DJd by:

DJ Ivy, simpleweddingdj.com



Paul Flannagan, paulthedj.com

DJ Ivy and Paulthedj have the best prices by far (about $600.00 for cocktails, dinner, and reception), but I'm worried that I might "get what I pay for". Scotia Entertainment has quoted about $1200.

If anyone can give me any opinions on any of these DJs, I'd be grateful!


Re: DJs in Toronto

  • SNTJ2012SNTJ2012 member
    edited December 2011
    Hello & welcome!

    I haven't been to a wedding where any of the djs you mentioned played. $600 is a really good deal though. Are they able to provide you with references? 

    After booking all my vendors I would have to say the best advise that I can offer is spend money on things that are important to you...if you and your fiance are not super particular about the dj, I wouldn't suggest you spend $1200 for like 6 hours of service. 

    If you are looking for another option for compariosn sake, I woulld suggest Audio Entertainment.  http://www.audiotainmentinc.com/ That's who we are using.  We booked Rowan right after we met. He is very knowledgable, professional, ffriendly and responsive (replies to all emails within 4 hours typically).  We have heard excellent reviews from friends who have used him at their recent weddings!  His rate is not $600, but it is reasonable.  His email address is [email protected]

    Good luck!
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    Hi and welcome!! I too haven't personally heard of these dj's and PP is right $1200 is a little much for 5 hours of service. What are they offering you? giveaways? Lighting? special effects like fog, bubbles etc? are you just getting a dj or will it be a dj and an mc? these are things you have to consider.
    My dj is costing us $700 and provided us with a demo cd. I also know him personally so I knew he was amazing. HTH
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    1200 seems like a lot unless you are also getting lighting, ceremony music, or other add ons.  We went with Macmillan Group and were thrilled with the DJ that we had.  Their prices were really reasonable and it was super easy to pick songs ahead of time through their client website, and we couldn't have been happier with their service.
    Check out www.macmillangroup.com for more info.
  • smillinggoatsmillinggoat member
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    edited December 2011
    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for all your great replies!

    Basically, all three are offering a similar service - music for cocktails, dinner, and dancing, with a bit of a lighting set-up (I'm not looking anything over-the-top in that area), and all offer wireless mics. I also plan to pick most of the music myself, so I really just need them to set up, play the music, and talk every now and then.

    I guess what I am most concerned about is paying a lower price and getting a DJ who may not perform that great. Has anyone had an experience where they paid less for a wedding DJ and regretted it?

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