Ceramony Locations..

I can't seem to find a location for our june '13 wedding. I had my heart set on Graydon Hall but, they request that the reception be held there too.

Problem is that we are having a evening reception and thnat is already booked with a venue we really like.

I would love somewhere like graydon hall that I can book just for the ceramony.. any ideas would be great!

Thank you

Re: Ceramony Locations..

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    I know that the estates of sunnybrook prefer you to hold your reception there too, but you might be able to book the coach house just for a ceremony? If you call and the consultant says no, ask if you can speak to the manager. I found the consultants were very much 'by the book', but the manager gave us permission.

    I also had my heart set on Graydon Hall, but we found their requirements too strict, and there were some issues that made us worry. They wanted the full estimate payment (i.e. over $20,000) due more than SIX months before the event (why do they need that much money so far ahead? Are they having trouble balancing the books?) and we could only use their designated vendors. There were some smaller issues too that raised some red flags, so we went elsewhere.
  • thank you, i'll check it out
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