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Bridal Party Gifts

Hi all,

I'm wondering what you all suggest for gift ideas for the bridal party. I am on a budget so some things I've been suggested are: scarves, money holder for the guys and purses.

Suggestions? What are you gusy giving your parents?


Re: Bridal Party Gifts

  • I am paying for my girls' hair, makeup, and giving them jewellery for the day. For the guys were are getting them leather/metal flasks. And for our parents were are getting them gift packages from Samba Days.
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    We have no idea what we are giving our parents.

    Tip for your bridal party gifts though, dont get them something wedding related or something you want them to wear/use at the wedding as their gift (shoes, jewelry etc), its okay if you get them jewelry but not something they have/should wear to the wedding. Also, paying for your bridal party's hair & makeup should not count as the gift. You can do it out of genorosity but you should still get them something else. You also dont have to get them each the same present, you can personalize their gifts & get them all something different but something they will like. 

    I havent even started thinking about what to get my girls, my MOH is a bit of a tomboy & loves video games so I might get her something related to that, one of my BM's is huge into fashion/makeup so ill get her something related to that & I'm not sure about the 3rd one yet. 

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  • I agree and disagree with DileniN - if you're wanting them to all look a certain way for the wedding,e.g. a certain hairstyle and a certain make up palette, then you should definitely pay for that and also buy them something additional.  If you're doing it to pamper them on the day of, letting them have options of hairstyle and make up, then that's a different story.  Just my two cents... :)
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    I made them personalized hangers with their names, got them a GC for a pedicure and manicure, and a silky spa robe from La Vie En Rose.  For my MOH I also got her a movie pass for 2 + popcorn and drinks (from Costco, I think it's about $23).

    I also paid for their makeup and hair on the day, but that I wouldn't count as part of their gift - I just didn't want them to have to spend too much money. They were free to do whatever style they wanted, I didn't care about having them all match.

    We gave our parents restaurant GCs, a nice note, and an IOU for a wedding photo album down the line once we get them printed.

  • I'm getting this DYI nail kit inld. polich, stamp, different deisgn plate thingy because all threee of them do their own nails themselves always trying on different colours.  Instead of buying the kit for $30 EACH at the bridal show, I went on Ebay and the Shoppers for all the items.

    Then I'm buying all these silver purses to wear on my wedding day.  Each purse has their intial and each purse lining has different design and colour.  Still debating if I should buy them 3 different purses.  Then I am buying each girl things that I will leave in the purse.  As the months pass, I will buy them things  that I think they will love ie)  one of the girls is Greek so I bought her this bracelet https://www.etsy.com/transaction/81992717

    These are my girls and I hope I can show them that I love them!

    Oh for the boys, we are buying these cute engraved handmade bottle openr with a Pint glass  as ALL them drink!

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  • I got all the girls gifts at Bittersweet. It took about 2 hours, but I picked out stuff that I thought was really individual for each of them.

    I also covered mani/pedi/hair/makeup. One of my bridesmaids was so proactive that she had prebooked all of those before I even got around to booking them!
  • I still haven't decided what I'll be giving them yet...
    My FI wants to treat his GM to a round of golf, and get them something related such as cigar cases, flasks, or personalized golf equiptment.
    For my girls, I am paying for thier make-up, but I want to give them something to keep as well...I'll return back here for more ideas...I like the scarf idea as part of it though..
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  • I did totes that I bought from the knot at 3.99 (original price was $24) and am stuffing it with a personalized hanger, flip flops, clutch purse, earings, hair spray and water.  For the groomsmen we bough gym bags (spoke to manager and asked for discount and got 15% off) and will be putting in a bottle of alcohol in each bag.

    If you are working with a budget, you can get get totes from the dollar store and fill it with flip flops, bath and body items or jewellery.  Dixie Value mall has a huge Ardene with large jewellery selection most being 3 for $10.  
  • My fav bridesmaid gift that I received was a vase with my intials engraved on it. I use it all the time and remember my girlfriends wedding
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