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while tryting to find reviewd for this place on the knot, it occurred to me that it would be easier to make permanent posts with each venue and whomever had their wedding there or went to a wedding there can provide their reviews

on that note, i am considering Tosca banquet hall for my wedding. i was planning on using the garden for the ceremony and tent for reception. i wanted to know if anyone had their wedding there or went to a wedding there. what did you think of the food, area, the fact that it is right beside the 401 (i.e the car noise) etc..

as much info would be much much appreciated!!

Re: tosca banquet hall

  • I haven't been there for a wedding, but I went to a semi-formal gala there with my school. The food was good from what I remember, and I don't recall hearing noise from the 401 or anything like that.

    A girl I know from high school got married there a couple years ago and her pictures looked really nice, if I can find a link to her FB wedding album I'll post it.
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  • I`ve been to a wedding there, nice location, pretty good food too, but the tent isn`t that nice IMO (no swagging or chandeliers), and depending on time of year you`re dealing with melting heat or being really cold or wet floors from rain. Unless they add AC or heat for reception. The couple I know used it for the ceremony and no AC for sure. I went to another tented ceremony and they had wet floors from the rain dripping off the side and running to the centre. I can`t say for sure if that will be a problem at Tosca. 

    A really nice tented place that has swagging is Miller Lash. But nevertheless you have to deal with bugs late at night once dusk falls. Keep that in mind for tent outdoor weddings. Moths are sooo attracted to light.
  • thank you for your reply. yes estimi the tent is a bit small and not that glamourous. we decided to have our reception in the hall which is really nice.

    thank you for the comments on the food!
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