Mother of bride/groom dresses

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for suggestions on where to shop for the above in the GTA. My mom and fiancee's mom are around 5 ft tall a bit round in the mid-section. They are looking for an age-appropriate modest long dress that makes them look slimmer. My mom is in her early 60s and FI's is in her mid 70s.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks and happy holidays!

Re: Mother of bride/groom dresses

  • Not sure what your budget is, but most bridal stores carry mother of the bride dresses.  Otherwise, you can also check out Laura Petites, Melanie Lyne - they sell beautiful evening gowns and dresses.
  • Shopper's Emporium and Bridal in Fenelon Falls. No, it's not in the GTA but definitely worth the drive! She had a lot in stock and she will make something for you or alter something to suit you better! Absolutely amazing lady! I can't recommend her enough. Her name is Shelley. Oh and cost....WAY below anywhere I've been!

  • Any of the Laura stores Both my mom and Grandma found thier dresses at a Laura.
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