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Can anyone reccomend some inexpensive places to get chocolates to fill my favour boxes. I tried a couple of specialy chocolate stores, and they were charging about $1/piece. I was hoping to find something a bit more affordable, since I would like to include 2 pieces in each box. I was even thinking of just getting some boxed chocolates if all else fails. Any suggestions?

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  • That's actually less expensive than I could find. Even stores like Larua Secord charge more than that. If it's good chocolate I would just go with what you found.

    If you don't mind a more casual look where people might have different kinds you could buy boxes of chocolate from Purdy's or another simliar store and simply open the boxes, put those chocolate in your boxes.
  • have you thought about making your own??

    I tend to lean towards diy when I can and this would totally be doable! Plus, so fun to be able to say you did it yourself!
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    I agree, $1/chocolate isn't unreasonable for good quality chocolate.  $2/favour isn't bad, and you can do one favour per couple.

    You could always turn to bags of Lindts or Godiva chocolates that are already wrapped and put them into your own box.

    You can definitely make your own - chocolate isn't always easy, it requires some careful manipulating but you could do them, and make them personalized for your own wedding or theme or initials.
  • Thanks everyone. I will go with the $1 chocholates..they will taste better than boxed
  • Check the Lindt factory, there is one in Etobicoke I believe. We went there for my sisters wedding (last April) just after the holidays (like now) and we got lots of great deals. Like PP mentioned, you can get them in bags and then split them into boxes yourself. IT was really worth it for us!
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  • Like PPs, I definitely suggest the Lindt factory outlet.  After the holidays, the big bags will go on sale.  I've already looked into that myself but will likely go closer to my wedding in November.  :)
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    Thanks Michellea86 that is a great tip!
  • No problem, hope it works out for you!
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  • Definitely the Lindt factory outlet or wait until JUST after Easter and buy all the sale chocolate that isn't easter-ish (i.e. Lindt and other high-end chocolates). Check out Laura Secord just after easter too. The box they package stuff in my be easter-ish but the chocolates inside aren't!
  • just before christmas i went to giant tiger and picked up bags of chocolates with vodka shots, and some lindt chocolates after christmas because they were all on sale at zellers.  i bought them all and frooze them.  i'll be using them for my bridal shower in july.  after easter usually any of the hbc stores, and i'm sure other stores also have sales on lindt chocolates.
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