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Registries: The Bay vs. Home Outfitters

I'm having a toss up as to which I should register at (and I don't want to do both). I have already registered at Crate & Barrel for my dinnerwear and gadgets, but wanting to register for small appliances and such somewhere else (where they're a little more affordable!). We did a Bay registry but I know from past experience that finding things in stock at one Bay to another can be a chore. Plus, I find HO seems to have a lot more selection on things like pots & pans, and kitchen appliances (toasters, grills, blenders.. etc..).

Can anyone provide any experience with Home Outfitters? Did you pick one over the other, or both? 

I am assuming 3 might be a tad much.. 

Re: Registries: The Bay vs. Home Outfitters

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    I registered at both. I have more things registered at home outfitters, than the Bay. HO does have more selection for everyday household items, and the prices are lower than the Bay. The Bay seems to have more higher end items, and designer items. I had a lot of issues with both the Bay and HO registeries. I had trouble adding things online, about 10 items that were purchased as shower gifts were converted to gift cards and given to me because the bay "couldn't find the items" even though they were part of their regular merchandise. If I could go back, I would have registered at Sears, more selection, better choices, and great online system.  
  • I did the Bay and Bed Bath and Beyond.
    If you're choosing between the Bay and HO for smaller stuff, I'd probably go with HO.
    good luck!
  • Interesting. I might reconsider the Bay and opt for Sears if this is the case. Then again, is it terrible that I'd be totally OK with The Bay... they do have Chanel and Dior makeup afterall.. i mean.. wedding...wedding wedding wedding.. 
  • I did Home Outfitters and Sears. As already mentioned, HO is good for lower prices and gives guests options according to what they can afford. I find that when people think The Bay, they think "expensive".
  • Good call. I have Crate & Barrel for my 'luxury' items and HO for my 'practical' items.
  • I think we're going to go with Home Outfitters and Bed Bath and Beyond. I've had horrible experiences every time I tried to buy a registry gift at The Bay and I just won't do that to my guests.
  • I'm an Hbc fan truth be told, and since they're both the same company, I'm game for either one.  I find they both have a good selection and they've upped their game with the website and as well you can order online now.  And best benefit, you get 10% off stuff on your registry before, during and until a year after your wedding.

    While I'm not a Sears fan, it does give the option to register for the tools, something the hubby, or you, if you're a DYI person, to think about.
  • I did Sears and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I tried the Bay and after having nothing but problems I gave up.
  • thanks for the input everyone :) i think we're going to 'try' Home Outfitters.. at least for now, and see how that goes. maybe buy some things off it just to try it out and see how their process goes. i too had an awful time with the Bay as their stock varies so widely from store to store. 
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