Any tips on getting Stag and Doe prizes?

Know of any places that give things for free?


Re: Prizes

  • I know alot of people put up ads on kijiji, asking for stuff for these types of events and in exchange they get advertised and stuff...
  • When we had our stag & doe - we just kept our eyes on flyers, and major sales. Also, talk to friends/family who can get prizes donated (it's all about who you know). Also, your bridal party should all get 1 prize for you (at least a 50$ value)
  • We just asked friends & family, also i had points on my air miles card so we were able to get a few gift cards there as well. If you have any points cards and are willing to use them for prizes it helps (petro poitns, aero plan points, optimum etc.) Do you know anyone who has had luck getting prizes from ads on kijiji?
  • I don't know anyone who has had luck with kijiji. Hanks for the info!
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