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Hi ladies,

I've found a couple of dresses by Alfred Sung that I like for the bridesmaid dresses. I want them to wear dark purple eggplant and my bridesmaids (3) are all pretty easy going. I'm flexible if they don't want to all wear matching dresses so my question is if I make sure that all 3 dresses are made from the same designer, will the colour purple look the same? Or do I have to make sure it's the same designer AND the same fabric (dupioni fabric for example) ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    It depends how anal you are -- if you want them to be exactly the same colour, then they should wear the same fabric (as well be from the same designer).  Usually designers only have a couple of fabric options (chiffon and satin are very common) so if you pick one of those there should be lots of styles in that fabric/colour combination.

    If you don't care too too much then they could wear different fabrics.  Or have the MOH in one fabric and the BMs in another.

    ETA: Check the swatches in the store, they should have a swatch in every colour of every fabric available - hold them up and see if they are "close enough" for you.  The light reflects off different fabrics differently so even if they're the same colour, they may look different.
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    I picked Alfred Sung in eggplant (aka Italian Plum) for my bridesmaids too!

    In Alfred Sung, each fabric has a different set of colours. Most colours are only available in one fabric. E.g. Italian plum is only available in Peau de Soie, and not Dupioni. So for eggplant you'll probably have to choose one fabric. The colours can be very similar in each fabric, but not exact. They all follow the Pantone colour scheme. Italian plum is .

    To compare the colours for peau de soie vs. dupioni, look at these two dresses. They are the same, just two different fabrics:

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    Thanks ladies!

    Those 2 dresses in dupioni and peau de soie LOOKS THE SAME!! I need to obviously look at the fabric in person instead of on the computer but this is very reassuring :)

    I seriously don't know what I'd do without this website!!!! 
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    In person the Dupioni looks a lot heavier. It also has small horizonal lines running throughout the fabric. My BMs vetoed it because of the tiny lines. If you have a winter wedding, the Dupioni might be nice.

    By the way, if you want to see Italian Plum in person, the only store I found in the GTA that had it in stock was Vivi's Bridal in Richmond Hill. I called a ton of stores downtown, and none had it. Obviously you can order your dresses from any store (I ended up going elsewhere), but it's nice to see the colour in person.
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    We are getting married October 13 so I don't mind the heavier fabric but you are right, we all definitely need to see it in person and the girls may prefer the peau de soie fabric by Alfred sung. I'm wanting classy bridesmaid dresses that with sleeves or something that is a bit more conservative and classy than just your typical strapless dress. Alfred sung is the one I found so far but will keep looking :)
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    If you go with Alfred Angelo.... they are $50-70 cheaper in the states.  We went to the Alfred Angelo on Niagara Falls Blvd in Buffalo NY (Close to Boulevard Mall) The dress we got there was $220 here in Ontario and we paid $155

    Just thought I would share the tip :)
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    Wow - that's great! Thanks for the tip!!!! I'm also thinking about ordering them online as well because I've heard they are less expensive. We would go and look at them in person, try it on and then just order them ourselves.... but driving over to the states is definitely a great option too!!!
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    Yes, you can make a day out of it and go shopping for the day in the states with your BMs.  Makes it a fun day.

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