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So my fiance and I are very much into music, wel like a lot of aleternative or indie rock styles of music.. such as: arcade fire, belle and sebastian, Jens lekman and so on.. I can't for the life of me find  a father daughter slow song that I like any suggestions?! Help!!

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    I am very much in the same boat!  I'm trying to think outside the box a bit and find a song that is NOT a slow song...or something that my dad really likes and reminds me of him from when I was younger (beatles, fleetwood mac, rolling stones).   Hopefully that helps!
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    we like alternative stuff too. i agree it's so hard to find slow songs. we've been struggling with a good one for our first dance. but a lot of the slow songs we like don't really have the meaning that we want. i think for a father/daughter dance "in my life" by the beatles is really beautiful. i know it may be a bit typical but not as cheesy as some other slow songs. a friend of mine danced to that with her father and i almost shed a tear. as well i think "here comes the sun" by the beatles and "tender" by blur would be great too.
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    Have you asked your dad?  Maybe he has a special song in mind that he would like to dance with you to.

    You can keep the music that is in your indie/favourite genre for your first dance with your FI, because it is special to the both of you.

    I asked my dad what he wanted, he thought for a bit and came back with The Beatles' Let It Be, which is perfectly fine with me.
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    I picked Neil Young since he's one of my Dad's favourite artists and I also really enjoy him. We're dancing to Old Man. He was so happy with the choice. I agree with PP -get your dad to help!
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