please help with my DIY invitations

I have read a few forum posts here and saw some great sites on where to purchase card stock and other invitation related items.  I was thinking of trying to save some money and doing the invitations myself. I would like to have a pocket invite and order some card stock from a supplier within the GTA that will allow me to actually go in and look at their supply.  I'm a bit nervous ordering online without having actually seen the product as I don't know if it will be the exact shade or shine I expect.  And I know I can order samples but I also don't want to spend a lot of money reordering several samples.  I am even open to buying an invitation kit (I already saw the ones from Micheal's and I don't really like them).  My plan was: buy card stock, pocket folds, and envelopes and get them printed either at home (not sure if the quality will be great) or at Kinko's

So please let me know where I can find:
1) Place within the GTA that sells cheap card stock
2) Place within the GTA that sells cheap pocket fold cards
3) Place within the GTA where I can get invitation kits.
4) Place to print my invites

Re: please help with my DIY invitations

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    If you go to - they will send you free samples.  They are a US based company but from what other brides have told me, ordering with them is still cheaper than here, even with the duties.  I'm told duties have ranged between $22-$35.

    For card stock, you can get it at Michael's - it'll be even cheaper when you have a 40% off coupon which arrives by email every couple of weeks.  Or you can buy the DIY kit and just add embellishments and the pocket folds.

    For printing - Staples, Kinko's, The Printing House.
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    My brother is getting married in July and since they are having a destination wedding, they have already ordered all their stationary.  They ordered everything from as well, and they are beautiful!  
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    There is a Canadian company that I will be using for my cardstock. They are not in the GTA, they are based out of B.C., but their customer service is amazing, and their prices are reasonable, and have a good selection of colours. 

    The shipping is also very reasonable. If you spend over $200 or $250, shipping is free, which is pretty good I think, depending on how much stationery you are planning to have (I am having a lot, so this works in my favour).

    They also have pre-made pocket folds and such, or just the sheets of cardstock (the cardstock is what I'm getting. -- It ranges from 0.22 - 0.38 per sheet depending on either matte or metalic sheen).

    So far, they are the cheapest I've been able to find with all of the colours that I want.

    Can't stress the excellent customer service (so far) enough!!

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    Michael's!!! Their cardstock is always on sale! Plus they have some really grogeous designs and prints.
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    Oh and Michael's sells DIY kits. That's the route I'm going. I think it's gonna take some time to print but the price was amazing.
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    i have only looked at the pre-packaged invites but i never looked at the card stock at micheal's.  I always get the 40% coupon. Cant wait for the once in a while 50% to come out.  Thanks for the tips ladies, I'll check out the sites you referred.
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