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Hi Gals,
OK, I haven't actually gone out and started looking for my perfect wedding shoes yet BUT I have spent quite some time researching online and I have fallen in love with some of the Nina shoes. Their website allows you to design your own shoes...Heaven! But off course they don't ship to Canada  :-(

Do any of you know which stores in the GTA carry Nina brand shoes? I think The Bay or Sears might. Would appreciate any help!

BTW - I realize Zappos Canada carries some Nina models but I really want to avoid buying online as I have been burned before. I really need to  be able to try on the shoes in store!

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    Balisi in toronto caries some Nina shoes. They have several stores and the merchandise differs from store to store, so I would call before going there. You can check out their website at, but I don't think all their styles are on the website.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Ancavaz! Will definitely check out Balisi.
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    Hi there. Nina shoes are sold at most mid-range U.S. department stores--Nordstrom, Macy's, etc.--so perhaps the Bay (being the Canadian equivalent) would carry them.
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    I'm not sure where to buy them in TO, but I have a pair of Nina shoes I wore as a bridesmaid and they were SUPER comfortable, so definitely a good choice!!

    If your heart is set on designing them yourself, you can go through a website that allows you to ship items to Canada even if the website doesn't - it's called - I'm not sure if you need to sign up or what, I've never done it! 
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    OMG, thank you Homediva!!! Thank you everyone. Will let you all know how it goes.
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    Hi Everyone, I'm happy to announce that I managed to order Nina shoes from the Canadian Zappos site.  Balisi tried to special order them but were unsuccessful.

    The style I ordered is called "Cara" and I ordered it in the gold.

    Have a look!

    I'm wearing these with an ivory - more white than cream wedding gown and thought they'd clash but when I actually got the shoes in and put it up against the gown, I found that they blend in nicely because the gold is a nice subtle gold and the sparkle of the stones offset the white ivory.

    Anyways, I love the shoes so much, there's no way I'm returning them. They are 4 " heels though so I may have to order another flatter pair to change into later in the evening when my feet give out!
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