Hi everyone!

I am getting married on Saturday and I am wondering if anyone has tips on where I could find 8 nice umbrellas, perferably clear or black. The forecast is for rain and I am trying to be prepared :-P


Re: umbrellas

  • I got a really cute clear umbrella from Shopper's Drug Mart. They have 2 inch coloured bands along the edge (I've seen pink, black, gold, silver) but they're still 90% clear.
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  • I`ve also seen clear and black umbrellas at some of the stores that specifically sell luggages, purses, bags, etc.   I was just looking at them yesterday, but I can`t remember the name of the store I was in. 
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    i think its access that sells those umbrellas! clear with the coloured trim....
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  • Bentley's has the clear umbrellas (bird-cage style) - I've noticed them when I pass by.
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