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I ordered my wedding shoes and purse from Dyeables in white satin. My dress is light should I dye the shoes and purse to match? What have you ladies with ivory dresses done in terms of shoe colour? Would it be ok to just leave it as white. Or if there is a big difference in colour, how do I go about getting the shoes and purse dyed? Do bridal shops offer this service? 

Re: Dyeing Shoes

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    Have you considered dying them one of your accent colours?  Or what about a turquise blue (for your "something blue"?)

    Personally, my goal is for the most vibrant fuschia I can get (and I am hoping to get fuschia ribbon that will match my bridesmaid's dresses to replace the ivory ribbon for my corset, too). 

    Can you go back to the wedding shop you bought your dress from, to compare the colour of the shoes with the ivory colour of your dress?  If that's possible, I would recommend doing that, just so you can see the colours for yourself.  If the shoes will mostly be under the skirt though, I don't imagine it will matter.
  • I agree with amme - go with your accent colour.  I bought a pair of red satin shoes that match my bridesmaid dresses.  You don't have to go white or ivory, unless that's what you really want.
  • I'm wearing Gold coloured shoes and I have an ivory dress. I also bought an ivory beaded clutch to use for the wedding.
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