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Hi ladies,

I am getting married in April 2013 at Paramount event venue in Woodbridge. I am having the ceremony upstairs around 4:30pm, and the reception doesnt start until 6:30pm. I am not sure if there is enough time for us to leave and take pictures. Has anybody had the ceremony here, and if so where have you done the pictures? The venue is nice, but not very picturesque outside...i know i have tons of time but just wanted to get started doing some research. :) thanks!
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Re: Ceremony & Reception @Paramount

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    Paramount is beautiful and with your timeline, it's enough time for pictures, but I would say, you'll have roughly a little less than an hour because after the ceremony, people are going to want to greet you, your H and both sets of your parents.  Be sure to take into consideration travel time - this is also important as well because it will cut into your photo time.  But based on the little time between your ceremony and your reception, your best bet would be to take photos at or around Paramount.

    Secondly, the best person to ask would be your photographer.  Ask if he/she's taken photos in the area - Paramount is in an industrial location if your photographer is good, they can take awesome industrial shots.  Paramount is a beautiful venue and you can get fantastic shots there as well.

    Also, make a list of the kind of shots you want with family, with your bridal party, etc.  That way your photographer can make a timeline.  Also consider doing a first look (you and your groom prior to the ceremony), if you're not so set on having the first look of you walking down the isle, so a good portion of your photos can be done that way.  But that's up for you to decide.  HTH
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    I was just at a wedding recently at paramount and its a beautiful hall.  have you considered taking pictures before the ceremony? I'm just wondering what will your guests who attend the ceremony do during the time that you go for your photos? Will they leave and come back when you do for the reception?

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    Thanks for the advice! We did consider having the photos done before the ceremony, but have decided we want to wait until afterwards. I didnt want the guests to leave and have to come back.
    We will be having an antipasto bar for after the ceremony, which gives us a bit of time to take the pictures,while the guests are occupied, but not allowing for travel time. So maybe the best bet is one of the industrial buildings in the area.
     I don't have a photographer lined up yet, I have a few connections that may be interested, and I will definately ask around for their opinions.
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    I'm also getting married at Paramount in April of 2013!  What day are you booked for? 
    Happy Planning :)
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    I am booked for April 20th at Paramount, how about you? What else have you booked?
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