Anyone use Celebration Shoes?

Just looking for some reviews. (I'm a poet and I don't know it.) Especially along the lines of price -- Yorkville shops that don't list their prices scare me. ;) Will they dye shoes that I bring in from outside? Would it be cheaper to buy the shoes elsewhere and bring them in?

Re: Anyone use Celebration Shoes?

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    I was there last week to take a quick look. Their shoes start around $50 and some of the designer ones are $300+. A lot of the Satin dyeable shoes were under $100, but I'm not sure what they charge for the colour.

    I'm still looking for shoes :)

  • AlbireoAlbireo member
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    That's quite a range. The pair I have my eye on is dyeable and on their website with no price -- they're ballet flats with ribbons that go up the leg. (I'm wearing a floor-length dress, so I can do it.) Thanks, I'll probably drop in on them one of these days.
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    I picked out my shoes from Celebration. I'm almost certain they will dye shoes from other places. Actually, when I was in there there was another bride that was having difficulty deciding on her shoes and the owner was so nice and helpful in providing honest recommendations as to how they could custom add flowers, gems, etc. to the standard shoes in stock. I thought that was really nice!
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