Frugal Bride- to-be needs wedding/reception venue ideas

I am hoping to get married this coming September or October and have yet to pick my date because I need a venue!  My budget is low (hoping to do the whole thing for $5000) and am willing to use up to $3000 of my budget for the venue and food.  I am opting for an evening ceremony, followed directly by the reception and do not require a sit down dinner.  Cocktails and appetizers are fine if it's all my budget will allow.  I am also willing to have my wedding on a Friday, Sunday, or even a weekday.
Are there any venues in Toronto that will allow for the space rental, food, table and chairs for $3000.  I know my options are limited, but I'm still hoping to have a memorable wedding (only going to do this once! lol)
Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Frugal Bride- to-be needs wedding/reception venue ideas

  • I know a place - but it is in mississauga. Grand Metropolitan of Mississauga (formerly Pavilion Royale) caters to various budgets. Perhaps they can be of assistance to you.

  • How many people?  Our bar alone was $35 pp, so at 100 people that's your budget there with no food.  You'll likely have to do either a reduced bar or do it at a venue where you can bring in your own (cheaper) liquor, like a Lions club or community center.

    As a side note I vote to definitely go for a Friday or Sunday instead of a weekday! Make it as convenient as possible for your guests.
  • This will also depend - how big is your guestlist? This is the biggest thing, aside from budget, that you'll have to consider.

    As Naomi said, this will be hard to cater to in terms of halls.  You may have to go the route of community centres or a legion's club and have someone cater it.  Also check out, the Drake Hotel or The Gladstone - they have decent appetizer menus there and can work with your budget.

    What other questions do you have?
  • I too am curious about guestlist size.  My venue could handle about 40 people for food and open bar costs for that price, but they have a room fee for less than 80 people.  The owner is flexible though and you could see what he can do.  (Granite Brewery and Pub).

    Also, their prices are the same any day of the week (no Friday weddings allowed) but that allows a Sat or Sun as a choice. 
  • The Argonaut Rowing Club is a beautiful venue and pretty reasonable in terms of venue rental and comes with all the tables/chairs/ and wait staff (costs around 1500 I think...). Our Caterer, Blairs Catering, is also reasonably priced. For the sit-down dinner, it is 65$ a person, and if you were doing buffet or just appetizers, it would be much cheaper
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