Am I getting ripped off? Should I cancel the contract?

My mom thinks this is nuts. She thinks I'm getting ripped off over the cost and his structure - namely the deposit requirement, and extras not included like cake cutting etc. 

I met with a videographer today and booked him, and he will cost $1400 for the following:

- ceremony shot with 3 hi-def cameras, which include guests arriving, location details, ceremony and brides arrival
- processional and recessional 
- moments following the ceremony - congratulations etc. 
- reception - establishing shots, hall details guests arriving, candid shots, guests at tables, kissing games 
- introduction of bride and groom, wedding party 
- all speeches and toasts 
- father daughter dance, first dance etc.

IF I want him to come to my house before hand, that's an extra $800.
IF I want him to video the cake cutting, that's $50. 
IF I want him to video the bouqet toss / garter toss, that's an extra $50
IF I want him to videotape when the pictures are being done, it will cost $300, even though it's in the same location.
IF I want shots of people dancing, it will cost $125 for 3 -4 back-to-back songs.

ALSO, 50% of the deposit is required upon signing, and he owns all of the rights to the video

He also said it could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 MONTHS to get the video, depending on how back logged he is.

Yikes - I'm starting to second guess myself. If you were me, would you exercise the cooling off period under the Consumer Protection Act and cancel? 
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Re: Am I getting ripped off? Should I cancel the contract?

  • ancavazancavaz member
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    I'm not planning to hire a videographer so I don't know what the prices are like, but there are a few things you mentioned about your contract that would make me uncomfortable:
    First, he owns all the rights to the video?!? He could re-edit it and resell this as many times as he wants, and you never know where it will end up.
    Secondly, he didn't give you a date for delivering the video! up to 12 months? that's a bit unreasonable in my opinion.

    I think you could look into what other videographers offer, and then make a decision on this contract in a few days. Remember there is no reason to stick with a contract you're uncomfortable with.

    Hope it all works out!

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    I completely agree, and yes, I think you should cancel the contract. There are other videographers who might be slightly more expensive, but will include everything. Do not continue with this guy.
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    Eeek, I'm thinking cancel. I hate vendors that try to charge extra for every little tiny thing, and even though I'm sure there is extra time involved in editing more items, like the bouquet toss, etc., this seems pretty ridiculous. And 12 months???? Ummm, no. I'm not getting videography so I'm not sure what the norm is, but this seems pretty crazy to me. 
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    I think it would depend if you'll want him at any of those extra things, and if you can afford it or not.
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    I would call around to other videographers and find out what the going rate is for things....did you call around before you booked with him? Also, if you want, you can cancel the contract without using any consumer protection thing (as far as I know) especially if you haven't given him a deposit. The deposit is what reserves his services for you for your date, so especially if you haven't paid it yet, I don't think it will be a big deal to cancel. 

    Whatever you do, just make sure you know what other videographers are doing (for example, a lot of photography places own rights to your photographs - this is common practice). 

    Good luck!
  • silversparkssilversparks member
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    I have to say it sounds sketchy to me. Most of the videographers I talked to gave us a package based on the number of hours they'd be shooting, and 12 months is WAY too long for editing. The other types of add-ins were things like a "growing up montage" or cover art, the number of copies, hi-def... I totally undersand an extra cost for getting ready time, especially if it's in a different location, but cake cutting? That just sounds like he wants to be out of there fast.
    Here is the info on the person we used, we were very happy with him and he promised us our video within 30 days (and would have had it ready if we hadn't been late getting him the music).

    Martin Kolditz
    MGX Productions

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  • melissamc2melissamc2 member
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    Sounds ridiculous to me.  I'd cancel.
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    does not sound right to me.  I would contact him and be honest and tell him your concerns and ask him why he does his pricing that way. 
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  • NukkeNukke member
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    Agree with all PPs.  But... one thing that really made me nervous was his mention that he owns all the rights.  I'm pretty sure that... at least Ontario law... prevents him from owning the rights to any of your photos and videos.  Does anyone else know what I'm talking about and can clarify?
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    Nope. According to Ontario law, the photographer owns all the rights unless he or she specifically signs them away. This is why if you get a particularly good photo printed at a place like walmart, they will ask for some kind of proof that you're either the photographer or a photographer. (It's annoying.) I'm going to make all my friends sign the rights for my photos over to me, but we're *all* photogs and as such they pretty much expect me to.

    For more details on photography laws in Canada, check out this site:

    with the pertinent section being here -
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    IMO... sounds like a huge ripoff. I think his base fee is pretty standard but for most videographers that I've heard of that price would include all of those extras. The most unacceptable part to me is the possible 12 month wait to get your video. That's just rediculous! My friend got married in Sep 08 and had her video by early Nov. That's how it should be I think.
    Good luck!
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