Boudoir Photography

Hi ladies,

Has any one in the area done b-pics and had a good result? I'm looking for some recommendations!


Re: Boudoir Photography

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    My photographer does does ridiculously good work. Her name is Rebecca Lozer and she works out of Milton. She does beautiful work, including cool stuff outside (yes boudoir)! If you google her website (I am on my iPhone, linking is tough.) and then look at her boudoir website called Hello Lovr.
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    I didn't get them done (just didn't have it in the budget, may do it this summer), but a few of my friends just got them done through a woman named Margaret Hines.  I have no idea about price, but I know she came highly recommended to me:

    She does crazy-amazing underwater pictures too!
  • colourzcolourz member
    edited December 2011 in Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora area. Fabulous! Look it up.
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