Dye-lots: How important are they?

I know with most colors making sure the fabric comes from the same dye-lot is the only way to guarantee bridesmaid dresses will be the same color.

Is it as important if your bridesmaid dresses are  black?

One of my bridesmaids was recently in a wedding and wore a black dress very close to the style I envisioned for my girls. Assuming everyone is on board with that style, and we can order the same dresses for the my maid of honour - I think it would be great to be able to save someone some money! However, I won't be too happy if the color is different...there are only the two standing with me so I think it would really stand out if they were even slightly different.

Should we just get new dresses? Or is black, black as long as the type of fabric is the same?

Re: Dye-lots: How important are they?

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    I thought it didn't matter, but then I saw the difference in person.

    I was at a store looking at some Alfred Sung dresses in Midnight (almost black). There were two dupioni dresses in Midnight, and they didn't even look like they were the same colour. I loved the darker one, but would be unhappy with the results if the dresses arrive in the lighter Midnight. I decided to forgo that colour altogether, since I don't want to risk getting the lighter version.
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    I think it really depends on you and your tastes.  For my BMs and MOH, I will be giving them a swatch of the colour and fabric I want and just tell them to find something that's the exact same colour but in a style they want.  The only thing I want to make sure is that it's cocktail length.  Any style is up to them, especially since they all have different body types. It doesn't matter to me what store they get it from as long as its the same colour and fabric. 

    If the colour's off a little , no big deal.  No one's going to be looking at them on that day anyways.  But if you're adamant they get the same style and colour, then you are best to ensure they're ordered at the same store at the same time.
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    We had dresses ordered out of Canada and 2 different states and noone could tell. I was told that since the dye lots are done by computer the problem is not so common anymore.
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    Yeah, for most companies this isn't an issue anymore.  I had the same concern because one of my bridesmaids is in Canada and one is in the US, and they ordered in their hometowns.  All is fine.  You have to remember that most dresses are manmade might run into trouble with silks or something that absorbs the dyes differently, but most dresses aren't.
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    Thank you all so much!
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