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Hi Everyone!

So I'm getting married May 28th, 2011 (still awhile to go) but I've started my hunt for the perfect dress! My fiance doesn't want to know anything about the dress but I did tell him to give me an idea of what he would like.

When I went to try on a few dresses with a couple of my girlfriends this week the last one that I tried on was Mikealla 1406. Since then I haven't been able to stop thinking about this dress!!! It was absolutely perfect...and as I was standing there in the mirror I realized that it was almost exactly what my fiance had described!!

Anyways, my biggest dilema was that even though it's absolutely perfect...I can't justify spending $1400 on a dress that I'm going to wear for 8 hours. I was hoping to only spend $1000 including taxes and alterations.

 So I'm wondering if anyone knows what the best time to buy a dress is? Since I still have over a year before the big day, I'm wondering if I just wait awhile if it will go down in price at all? Or does anyone have any suggestions on where else I can look? Any good places to look at in the GTA? I wouldn't even mind going out of the GTA if it means I can get it for the right price...any help would be so much appreciated!!


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    Usually end of the year is the best time, since they bring out the new styles in Jan. at all the Bridal shows. If you don't mind a used dress (or often they have not even been worn). You can check out Pre-Owned Wedding, and you can even search for the actual dress you want.They have thousands of dresses. I managed to snag an absolutley gorgeous Pricilla of Boston dress with lots of pearls and crystal beading  that was originally $6k  as well as the Cathedral veil and bustling for $2k!!

    Doesn't hurt to try it.
    Good Luck

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    The cheapest option I've found is to have it custom made at Qobolla's in Brampton.
    My dress isn't yet complete, but so far Qobolla and her sister Anne have done an amazing job for an amazing price (because their business is just starting up).  They are really nice, take pride in their work (making suggestions for improvement that I hadn't even considered) and made the process so simple for me. 
    I hate to let my secret out but they deserve some PR.  Good luck! 
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