Alteration Costs?

Can anyone give an idea of the approximate cost to have a wedding dress altered once it's purchased?


Re: Alteration Costs?

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    It depends on what you want done.  For me, I mainly needed length (I'm short!), and a little bit of tucking in in certain places throughout the torso.  With that and with a bustle added, it cost just over $300.  I used Irene's Studio on Bayview.

    *EDIT - My dress was also covered in Chantilly lace - so that cost was with the under layers and altering the lace top layer and beading, which can be expensive.
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    Depends on where you get it done and how many alterations you need to get done.  You're looking at anywhere betweent $150-$500. 

    When buying a dress, try to find a place that will do the alterations for free.  I know Bea Shawn Fashions in Brampton will give free alterations if you order your gown through them. 

    I do have the name of a seamstress if you're interested.  She does come very well recommended.  Let me know.
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    If you have a short torso (waist to underarms), the cost can go up significantly. If you need the bodice shortened in height so it doesn't cut into your underarms, and the dress has any boning, I was quoted over $400 by multiple stores. I ended up custom ordering my dress for less.
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    Thanks for all your replies - they are extremely helpful!
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