DIY Wedding Bouquets

I'm considering doing my own bouquets for my wedding.

I'll be doing bouquets for myself and my 3 bridesmaids.

Has anyone else done their own bouquets or are planning on it?

Any suggestions on where to buy the flowers?

Re: DIY Wedding Bouquets

  • I have written a lot about flowers in here so in the interest of being brief,
    unless you are a florist or have some kind of idea how to arrange flowers I would advise against it.

    it can often cost you more to do your own and generally they wont look nearly as good as a florist can do.

    not to mention that you would have to arrange them the day before the wedding and as someone who just got hitched, I can tell you the days before the wedding were exhausting enough and I was not a DIY bride- I couldn't imagine adding the stress of flower arrangement.

    that being said, I know a lot about flower care and tips and would be happy to offer that to you if you decide to make them yourself.

    so much for being brief haha
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  • Im going to be making paper flower bouquets.. So i can do them ahead of time. I cant believe what florists charge.
  • We're using flowers from my future FIL's garden, but I'm going to hire someone to arrange them. I know if I try it and it's not perfect it will drive me crazy!! Some of the american brides have mentioned getting flowers at Costco, but I haven't looked into it personally.


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  • Doing something in place of flowers is a good idea - the bead bouquet came out awesome!

    I'll see if Costco in Canada sells fresh flowers!

    Thanks for the feedback/suggestions!
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