New Guestlist Format??

Hey ladies,
Just wondering if anyone else is greatly disliking the new GuestList format and if anyone knows how to get the old one back??

Re: New Guestlist Format??

  • ring_popring_pop member
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    What specifically do you not like? I'm not using the guest list tool as I'm already married, but I could forward this feedback to the knot gods.
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  • LittlinLittlin member
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    I actually like it - I just checked it out upon your mention, had not even noticed it before.  Once I played around with it and found my way around, it is very organized and a lot more detailed than before.

    I just saw an article on about google docs and their wedding templates for wedding guest lists, and timelines, etc., if you are interested in doing it that way instead, its an option.
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    I kind of like it too.
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  • mel66mel66 member
    edited December 2011
    I apparently haven't used the guestlist for a little while... so I wasn't aware there was a change to it.

    Just went to check it out, and had it all converted. Mine doesn't seem to be working right. It's super slow... and the names are all mixed up. I had mine set up if they are a couple and they are all mixed up written.
    Hopefully this will straighten out in a bit. As of right now, I'm not too sure about it yet. It's far to slow to play around with and even get used to it.
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