Hi ladies - 

This is embarrassing - but what are you suppose to wear under your wedding dress?


  • not embarassing at all,

    I did not need a bra (corest top was sufficient) and chose to wear spanx under mine(the kind that covers your tummy to thighs  but it was a waste and made answering natures call a nightmare so I took that off too.
    if I had a re-do I would have just gone with a nice pair of boy leg undies.
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  • Don't be embarassed as Souptin said...a lot of people aren't sure what to wear.  I had a zippered dress with a ton of tiny buttons, but because I'm rather blessed in the chest area, I wore a strapless bra and a pair of white lace panties and my garter.

    What you wear underneath will also depend on the type of dress and the material of the dress you have.  For example, if you have a mermaid type dress made of charmeuse satin, you may want to consider having spanx or some sort of body shaper beneath because the dress will likely show everything versus a heavier material like organza or a heavy satin. 

    Does that make sense?
  • Wearing strapless bra. Thong undies so there are no lines and my garter
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  • I would suggest taking a picture of your dress and go to a proper underwear store where they actually fit bras. They are experts.

    Your other option would be to ask whoever is doing your alterations what they would recommend. I know some brides who have had custom things done to hold in all their bits!
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