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Can anyone comment on pros/cons of having a DJ vs. using a lap top or ipod? We are on a tight budget but want to make sure the party is good.

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    Con: DJ costs more.

    Pros: you don't have to set up speakers/take them down/make sure they work properly, you don't have to return them the day after the wedding when all you want to do is snuggle with your new H, you don't have to change the volume during speeches vs. eating vs. dancing, you don't have to make one of your friends or family members take time away from their party enjoyment to work for you, you don't have to spend money buying songs on iTunes, you don't have to spend many many hours making playlists, you don't have to supervise the music station to make sure guests don't mess with your playlists.

    Clearly I am in the "get a DJ" camp.  We got ours for less than $500 which was 100% worth it.
  • Exactly as PP said.
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  • Agree with PP plus a DJ will be able to keep the party going. E.g. Will adjust what he's playing when he's sees what gets people dancing and can screen bad song requests.


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  • Same as above.  A DJ will likely already have all songs in their playlists already.  But if you're strapped for costs and/or have a smaller guestlist - because there are few DJs that charge $500 - an iPod/laptop is fine, keeping in mind the above. 

    What's your budget?  Are there other areas in which you cut costs?
  • Thanks everyone!
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