Where are you registered?

We can't decide where to register. Our guests live across Canada, so a Toronto-only store is not a great idea. Ideally the store should have a web site for ordering (which cuts out Crate and Barrel and Caynes).

We are planning on registering for dishes at William Ashley. Besides dishes we don't need many other kitchen appliances (I'm the kitchen gadget queen!). So we aren't really sure where else to register and what to register for.

I've had a tough time in the past when friends decided not to register at all, or only had five items on their registry. I don't want to put my friends in the same situation.


Re: Where are you registered?

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    I've heard a lot of people are now registering through Amazon, at least in the States.  I'm not sure if this option is available in Canada, but worth looking into!

    I used The Bay - the registry service seems to be getting better - I noticed a few days ago when I was looking at my brother's registry that they have pictures of the items and more descriptions that were never there before.
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    We just registered at The Bay a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty great, we can go on and add items or remove if we want. Guests can purchase the items online and then have them shipped to our closest Bay if they want. And they have stores across Canada for guest that don't want to shop online. We are really happy with it.
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    I'll be registering at the Bay as well as Linens & Things.  I would worry about your registry being small, if most people know you, then they'll already know you have a lot of everything so then this will let them know to give money.  My FI and I are in the same boat - we live together in the condo we bought, so we pretty much have a lot of things, but we'll be having small registry since we don't really need a lot.  We'll probably register for dishes but the rest will be smaller priced items like towels and sheets and some quality pots or pans - who doesn't need a good frying pan?
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    We did the Bay and Bed Bath and Beyong
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    I have a lot of American guests as well as Canadian; anyone been in this boat who knows of registries that work for both?
  • The Bay.  Our American guests who couldn't come even called and bought stuff of the registry over the phone, it was really easy.  Some people sent things to our store and we picked them up, and others bought at their local store and brought them with them.  Along with The Bay is Home Outfitters, but it is a separate registry.

    Sears is another popular one.
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