I'd like to make my own bouquets from cut flowers and am looking for an inexpensive florist in Toronto for these.  The wedding is on a Sunday so places open Sundays would be best.

Also, if I can only get the flowers on a Saturday, is there a way to prevent them from wilting for a wedding on Sunday afternoon?

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Re: Flowers

  • I have heard that this is the best place to get flowers in Toronto (and the cheapest) I haven't gotten any yet but hope to check them out soon! happy shopping

  • Have you thought about taking to flower vendors at some of the TO markets?

    Also, I'd look at online websites such as Fifty Flowers and Whole Blossoms.
  • I would strongly recommended not ordering from a US distributor, if there is a problem at the boarder you will not get your order, and I have heard of issues happening before. My aunt wanted to do the flowers for my wedding, but as I have 40 centerpieces needed in addition to bridal flowers, etc I wanted to hire a florist to do the centerpieces, I was referred to plush flowers - Indra works independently from her home and was amazing! I am getting a stunning centerpiece for only $29, maybe see what her cost is to do your bouquets, when I priced out doing centerpieces wholesale it was roughly $25...
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  • You definitely don't want to do you flowers on the day of your wedding.  You'll have no time for that and the flowers you want may not have had time to bloom.  You're best off buying them either the Friday evening or Saturday and storing them in cool place or a fridge.  You'll also have to order extra just in case.  If you live anywhere near Avenue/Davenport, you can likely get deals there.
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