Hey Ladies!

We're at the 6 month mark for our wedding..woohoo! Time to book a limo. We're in Caledon- north GTA. Any suggestions for a limo company we should use?

Much appreciated!

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    Maybe try MIB limo.....they were giving good rates at the bridal show

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    i'm from caledon myself and we have our limo service from lucky star limo.  here is the website

    we were really happy with his price.  he's on the border of brampton & bolton, just off of hwy 50.  **looks like we have the same wedding date*** lol

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    Thanks Ladies! I called Lucky Star, for August 25. He quoted me $1195 for the whole day.  I also called Royal Touch which used to be in Bolton. It's tough finding a good, reliable company...our friends got married 3 weeks ago and their limo didn't show up at the end of the night!! Where are you getting married shortangel?? I'm at Caledon Woods Golf Club on Hwy 50.
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    i'm in le dome, in oakville.  but i'm being picked up in etobicoke, then church is in mississauga, then the hall.  i was looking at caledon estates at hwy 9 & hwy 50.  but it just wasn't the right place.  he didn't even charge us for the drop off because our hotel is just around the corner.  our price was in the $900's (i believe he had a special going on).  I can't remember the exact price.  We gave him a $200 deposit and we don't give the rest until the night of, plus tip.  I like the fact that you don't have to give the rest of the money until after.   I would definately shop around though.
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    Ok thanks!

    I also called Erin Mills Limo, they have to make a speciall quote since they're in Mississauga and I'm north of the GTA. If anyone has any other suggestions, fill me in!
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    Don't go with MIB - I've read a quite a few bad reviews on them from bride's on this site and another site.
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    We're getting a rolls Royce and using A Rolls Chioce.
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    I've read lots on Erin Mills Limo..has anyone heard anything about them? They offered me a really good quote and are willing to split the "minimum hours" to accommodate us.
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