Design issues, nothing is matching my Jade DB dresses

I will try to make this short. My David's Bridal Jade coloured bridesmaids dresses are throwing my entire design for a loop. (picture below is the colour but not the style). They are SOOO hard to colour match for other design items in my wedding. I am trying to design my own invitations but can't find a picture or colour to match the DB dresses. My theme is nature and tradition. For instance, the men are wearing scottish kilts, the centerpieces are shown below (I am adding jade coloured stones and white votive candles), we are getting married outside by a lake under trees and my cake will look something like the one below with a jade coloured ribbon. My original idea was designing a tree invitation but don't know how to incorporate the jade colour and lilac purple colours of my wedding. I added two designs below that I like. Any design suggestions, images you have seen, anything would be super helpful. I am driving myself nuts with this. Thanks ladies,

Re: Design issues, nothing is matching my Jade DB dresses

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