Please Help! Need an Ao Dai


I am having a really hard time finding somewhere to get an Ao Dai for my Vietnamese Tea Ceremony.

Anyone know somewhere in Toronto I can get one made or buy one?


Re: Please Help! Need an Ao Dai

  • miellenmiellen member
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    Have you checked Pacific Mall? I don't know if they sell Ao Dais there since it's mainly Chinese, but you may luck out.

    What about in Chinatown?
  • oanhitaoanhita member
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    If you go to chinatown centre on Spadina (not the little one at yonge and dundas, but the one a bit south of Dundas) there's an open court area at basement level to the north of the entrance of the mall.

    There are steps leading downstairs and you'll see the entrance to the food court (facing Spadina). On the right just besides the glass entrance/wall of the food court there's a little shop that looks like a small convenience store (something tap hoa). They have Vietnamese Wedding dresses (Ao Dai) - or so the little lady in the shop tells me. Sorry if this sounds confusing.

    Also, I would try Pacific Mall if I were you, as well as the Asian shopping centre in Mississauga. Good luck!!!
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