Does this make sense...

I booked the MUA but no hair stylist, should I find someone to do the hair near Midland (where the wedding will be) or Barrie?
Does it make sense to bring my wedding party down to Barrie get the hair done then back to the hotel in Midland to do the makeup?
I am worry about running late eventhough the wedding will be around 3 pm ..
what do you guys think? or any suggestion?

Re: Does this make sense...

  • Have you tried seeing if a stylist will come up to Midland? It would be easier to have the stylis come up than all of you go down to Barrie.
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    Ditto Jewel.  I definitely wouldn't drive the bridal party an hour there and an hour back to get their hair/makeup done.  Do you have your heart set on a certain stylist?  I think it's worth the extra travel fee (if there is one) to get them to come to you, much less stressful. 

    If you don't have your heart set on a certain stylist, then check around for a more local person, I am positive there are hair stylists in Midland.
  • That's a bit far. I'd try and find someone who will come to Midland.
  • Thanks... you guys are right about having someone comes to me instead me traveling around. I will look for local hair stylist nearby the Midland area.

    Continue hunting for a hair stylist...  :)
  • Good Luck on the hunt. You will want to be stress free the day of the wedding, so finding someone to come to you or someone local will be a better idea. Ask around the Midland area and go for some test runs on hair styles with the different hair styliest that way you can decide what you like. 
  • Hey,

    there are 'travelling' hair stylists in barrie that will come up to milton. And you should totally go on Kijiji Barrie and just type in "wedding" and there are a few that come up!

    Good luck!
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