Nude shoes without a high heel

Hey ladies (and possibly gentlemen?),

Not only am I a soon-to-be bride, but I am also BM for my lovely friend! 

She has chosen the colour "nude" for her BM shoes, but I've been having trouble finding them.  The only nude shoes I've seen have giant high heels (i.e., in which I would probably kill myself.

Anyone know of a store that sells nude shoes in more of a strappy sandal style and a lower heel?  I live in Mississauga, but would be willing to travel to buy!   No online stores though -- I definitely have to try shoes on before purchasing.  

One more kink to throw in the mix is that I have freakishly small feet (size 2), but when wearing heels, I have to swim in size 5's (otherwise I am in embarassing children shoes -- trust me, you CAN tell the difference)..  Therefore, they need to have some sort of strap that goes around the ankle to hold my feet in haha  And I definitely can not go higher than a size 5, which is another problem since most stores start at 6. 

Thanks in advance!  

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Re: Nude shoes without a high heel

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    I've had the same problem as you... high heels at normal 25-year-old-girl stores are way too high for me!  I recently went into Naturalizer (an old lady shoe store) that actually had some really nice heels, not ugly, that were lower (maybe 1.5-2").  I'd recommend Naturalizer or other similar old lady shoe stores.

    ETA: Here's a link to one nude pump... you can explore the site further at your leisure.
  • Don't forget that prom season is just around the corner - millions of shoes in all different colours will be coming out towards the end of February/early March.  That is a great time to find bridal/BM shoes, including sandals.
  • oh hey friend.

    saw some stuart weizman shoes at browns the other day i was in loveee with for a beach wedding i'm going to. was sadly disappointed when i was told they were CHILDRENS. not sure if you could use these ones cause they have rhinestones, but, check browns because they likely have more hot stuart weizman kids shoes you could try!

    i went to mapleview and saw them. 
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    Hey OP - just got an email for a sale called Petite Feet.  They're having a sale at Markham Fairgrounds - They're selling shoes from size 5 and up for $30.  Sale ends tomorrow.  Enjoy!
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