rhinestone candle holders?


looking to see if anyone knows where i can buy rhinestone (blingy) candle holders in bulk for the tables at the reception. just looking for little guys 3 - 4 inches but that have some bling on it

if anyone knows pleeeeeeeease help!
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Re: rhinestone candle holders?

  • What kind of candleholders are you looking for?  Small candelabras?  Tea lights?  You might be better off making them yourself - it may be cheaper in the long run.

    You can check with some decorators - they may have some they can rent or tell you where you can get them.
  • Hey thanks for the reply. Looking for tea light size. That I could put 3-4 per table. I've thought of making them. Not sure if there is a bulk website where I could order them
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  • For tea lights, you can buy them inexpensively at Ikea.  For the bling...I've seen them at flea markets in rolls like fabric.  I've also seen them at fabric stores. 
  • You can try I've heard good things about them and That they ship to Canada.
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    I would buy the diamond wrap that is basically stone-covered fabric instead of gluing on individual rhinestones.  But this is definitely a DIY project that is pretty easy and can be done relatively cheaply if you shop around.  Ditto Ikea on the candles and holders.

    I would seriously consider getting taller 10-hour candles though that are maybe 1.5" tall - the small (cheap) tea light candles often don't last very long at all (less than 2 or 3 hours) depending on the quality and likely won't last throughout your reception if it includes dinner and dancing.
  • wow thanks so much! i will look into all of this! to ikea i go :)
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    Another idea is I have seen candles with rhinestones around them at Dollarama.

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