First post- and it's a doozy!

Hi guys,
I mainly registered to the website to get some advice. I'm about eight months into planning my wedding (it's a destination wedding in Thailand) but all "stuff" has hit the fan in the last week. My fiance and I have already sent out our save the dates and Invites, but we just got an email from the resort saying they no longer will honour our booking for our wedding, reception and accommodation for fifty people.

We have people coming from Australia, Canada, Ireland and Finland coming to this weedding- all of which we have promised accommodation to. Now we have nothing- no bookings for reception or ceremony either. While right now I'd rather just cancel the wedding as most things are already booked out (the time we are looking at is peak season over in Thailand). Additionally, there are ten couples so far who have booked airfares and have taken time off already from work (makes sense seeing as the wedding is only six months away now.)

Just to further complicate things, we live abroad for work in India so we have to communicate everything between here, Thailand, my family in Aus and his in Canada. My fiance is very calm about things and thinks that everything will just magically happen. I'm just a tad worried as I don't know how we'll get everything done now (new invites, new hotel, new accommodation inspections, new contracts, new vendors, etc) in such a short time.

If anyone has any advice for me or has been to a destination wedding that could give me any advice (either as a bride or a guest) I would much appreciate it. I'm just a tad stuck here and I'm not 100% sure what I should do. We only heard from the resort this week after having it booked for close to a year and now we have to deal with doing it all again.

As I said, quite a rediculous situation!! :P

Re: First post- and it's a doozy!

  • Oh. My. Goodness.
    what a nightmare! I am so sorry this is happening to you.

    I would first email EVERYONE and tell those who have not booked to wait until you figure this out. Then I would advise that you get to work asap on finding a new place to host everything. I am not having a DW but there is a DW group, maybe they will be able to offer more help on what to do or maybe even know of a place that would be ideal for hosting you.

    who knows maybe you will find a much better and more amazing place when this is all said and done.

    Until then I am sending hugs and happy thoughts your way that you are able to figure this all out.

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  • That`s horrible to hear.  I`m sorry that you`re going through this.  Would working with a travel agent help?  Perhaps you can consult one and see what they have to say about it?  Perhaps also consider renting a residence there that could possibly house all your guests (although I'm not sure how many there are), but it is an option.

    I agree with Souptin though - definitely notify everyone now about the situation and when you find a resolution you can let them know.
  • my best advice...
    a good friend of mine is a destination wedding specialist. email her
    [email protected]
    she can help you out and find you a quick fix (and she ALWAYS finds the best rates). Everyone i send to her - comes back thanking me for it
    She can discuss everything via email if thats what you need AND she is super quick with responses!
    Orly Kahn *Makeup Artist*
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