Venue for approx 50 guests with accomodations nearby?

Any suggestions for ceremony & reception venues in the GTA for a small wedding (45-50 people) with nearby accomodations for out-of-towners?

Looking for a place that has nice charm and good food. Really don't want a place that feels like a corporate meeting room.

Thanks :)

Re: Venue for approx 50 guests with accomodations nearby?

  • Do you have a budget?  Do you have an idea of what kind of place you're looking for? There's quite a few venues - the Old Mill, The Berkeley Field House, The Gladstone Hotel, The Drake Hotel, the Rosewater Room.  If you have a favourite restaurant, they will likely be accomodating for your wedding as well or you can try having it at an upscale lounge.

    On another wedding site I'm on - a bride had her wedding at The Granite Brewery on Mount Pleasant and Eglinton.  She loved it there.
  • I would like to keep the budget for the reception around 8-9k. I'm in the very early stages of planning so I haven't gotten too far into quoting anything.

    I love the feel of places like Caffino and the Berkeley Field House (although the reviews here are horrible). I also love the AGO but I think the spaces there are too large for the size of my party. Basically I want the reception to feel more like a big family dinner than a stuffy wedding reception; I want everyone to feel included and for the conversation to flow. If possible I'd like to just have one big table but I don't know if the logistics will work.

    I'm still holding out for a hotel/inn with the same amount of charm that Caffino has. But if I can find a restaurant that's located very close to a hotel (i.e. within walking distance) that may be the best plan.

  • What about the Distillery?  Archeo has a nice feel and the food is good there.  Also the Rosehill Lounge is nice too - you have the ability to bring in your own caterer if you don't want to use the in-house one.  Have you tried checking out some of the smaller art galleries?  The Distillery also has some galleries that rent out their space.

    The former company I use to work with had almost all their company events at The Drake hotel so I can vouch for the food there. 

    What about La Maquette on King and Church?  It's a French restaurant that has the same sort of feel as Caffino and the food there is amazing as well.

  • Thanks, Jewel. I'll have a look at those!
  • I have decided and am booking mine for the Alton m Mill. This is such a great undiscovered venue. I also have a small group. 60 ppl and it is real close to a hotel... Walking distance. I think they still have some good dates open.

  • The bakery School and Cafe in Liberty Village
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