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i am looking for a dress that is under $1000. where are some good places to shop? so far i've got ballets, becker's brider/dress room, and heirlooms on my list. are there any other good budget places that are good?

so far in my internet searches i am loving this dress:

would anyone happen to have seen this at the store in their search and know how much it costs?

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    Windsor Bridal is another great one!

    Oh that dress is beautiful!  I haven't seen it in my search though, sorry (I used Becker's Bridal for my dress and The Dressroom for my bridesmaid dresses)!  You can try to write the name and style into Google or Kijiji to see how much it is being sold second-hand for, that may give you SOME indication of its original price.
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    Very pretty!

    I'd suggest looking for dressmakers, honestly. I asked around, had someone recommended by a mutual friend, and she's making my dream dress for around $500.  I showed her a pic of the style I liked, she calculated how much fabric and labour it would take, and quoted me a price.

    If you don't know any dressmakers, get on Etsy and see if there's anyone in Toronto that you like. If you don't feel comfortable getting a premade dress, contact them and ask if they do custom work.
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    Bridal Fashion Fraire and Bridals on Spadina, both on Spadina (east side, south of Queen) both have lots of dresses in that price range. There are a couple of other bridal stores in that area as well, I believe with similar selection. I got mine from Bridals on Spadina for $550. (It was a Joli Bridals dress.)

    I'd also highly recommend Chris & Tina's at Parkway Mall in Scarborough. We got our BM dresses there and they actually gave us a cap on alteration prices right when we ordered. They also carry many dress brands priced under $1,000,
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    I've heard Best 4 Bride is good - my friend got her dress there for $800, including alterations.
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    I whole-heartedly recommend Chris & Tina's! They definitely carry dresses under $1000 and their service was exceptional.
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    these tips are great! thanks!

    i've been using these boards for a little while now and just wanna say thanks to everyone. i love how people are so supportive of each other. as well it's good when faux pas are pointed out politely. it's really been helpful in my planning : )
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    I rented my dress from Best for Bride. They have 2 locations in the GTA. 

    Rental price is half the retail price.  AND you don't have to worry about cleaning, preserving and storing. Alterations are also included!

    I don't plan on wearing it again, so rental was the best solution for me.

    I've got a fantastic Mori Lee for $600.
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    I'm using Bridal and Beyond for my gown and those of my bridesmaids and MoH.  I have received outstanding service, they are incredibly friendly, and they carry all major designers (and can order just about anything with a style number - including limited editions).   I've heard they have some gowns starting as low as $250 and I'm all too aware that they also carry gowns that go well into the thousands.  It's a really good range for everyone!

    Good luck and congratulations!
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    I just ordered my dress this weekend and we went to David's Bridal in Michigan. A bit of trip but worth it I think. I love my dress! My consultant was AMAZING! I got everything (bra, slip, veil, and dress) for under $800.  My BMs also ordered their dresses for $83! It was well worth the time we put in at the border crossing!!

    Just my suggestion!
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    They have wonderful service, excellent staff.  Gorgeous dresses at a bargin.  And best of all, the proceeds go to cancer research.
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    I got my dress at a place in Ajax called ply it again vals- its a used wamans clothing shop but they have new and used briadal; I got a brand new paloma dress that worht about $3000.00 for $700 it was used either for a display then ent to this shop. Its a great place and the staff are great I also get my head piece there. Just make sure to do your homework on the designer that you find to make sure you get a good price----they have a website so you can get address online
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    My friend who worked at a Bridal store said they will do anything to make a sale.. At the store she used to work at I was offered an $860 dress for $200 (it fit perfect and looked great).. but I went with a more expensive dress that I had already put a small deposit on because the store was price matching the bridesmaid dresses and giving us a 10% discount on them, I saved the girls almost $50 off the price of their dresses! Just ask, I also got my veil and headpiece for $100 off and 50% off respectfully!
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