Nice Shoes For Ladies With Wide Feet

Hey ladies!

I did a quick search of the board and couldn't really find any topic relating to what I want to know..

I have quite large and wide feet (size 9.5 - 11 depending on the shoe), and I was wondering if any of you large/wide footed beauties out there know where to go to get NICE heels that are made wide enough for me to wear them lol

My feet are (I've done a rough measure here... probably not the proper measuring for a shoe-store or anything though), approximately 4 - 4.5 inches wide (at what I percieve to be the wides part of my foot).

I've been looking for years to find a suitable pair that doesn't destroy my feet, and isn't ridiculously priced, but so far no luck.

Maybe I just don't know where to look, so that's why I'm asking you guys!

It sometimes feels like large/wide feet are only supposed to wear frumpy, ugly shoes :( God forbid the shoe makers should ever make a shoe like this for people like me... *sigh*

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Re: Nice Shoes For Ladies With Wide Feet

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    I spent ALL last weekend shoe shopping with one of my bridesmaids. We went to every single store in Yorkdale (even Le Chateau, we were that desperate). She's a wide size 11.

    We ended up finding her a nice pair of strappy sandals at Walking on a Cloud on Avenue Road just north of Lawrence (but they have many other locations).

    If you ever need just regular shoes or boots (not party shoes), I highly recommend Sloan's on Yonge just south of York Mills. They are fantastic for wide sizes. I've been going there since elementary school. 
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