Hey ladies - 

I have been looking for old wooden window frames (no color preferance) to use for my seating charts for my upcoming wedding. Any one have any ideas where to find old window frames?

I have looked on kijiji and have had no luck.

thanks :)


  • The Habitat for Humanity ReStore? An architectural salvage place? 

    FI is in construction so from time to time they pull them out of old houses. He's brought a couple home since they just get tossed otherwise. If you have any friends in that industry maybe you could get them to keep an eye out. 
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  • Ditto the ReStore.  They have tons of construction materials.  There's also a place called the ReUse Centre in Burlington on the North Service Road.  They have lots of bigger furniture items.
  • How funny I just saw some bride post a set on sale on Kijiji who used them for her wedding, but at $100/set they don't come cheap! Search kijiji and I'm sure you will find the ad.
  • antique stores! i got a bunch from there, specifically, st jacobs, but any one should have some. check garage sales too, you never know what people have lying around. 
  • They have some at Micheals.  You can always use sand paper to make it look older
  • My Wedding planner also does vintage rentals... I believe she sells things like windows too.
  • Oh yah, forgot about rentals, you can also try Hazlit Rentals, but I think they are on the higher end...
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