Bought my dress!..... Nervous about it

So I'm hoping you ladies are as much into the wedding dress porn as I am.. so I decided to show it off a bit!

I am pretty sure I am in complete love with my dress..... I asked my MOH and mom to to go a sample sale that we heard about at the bridal show in mississauga, soo we trekked off to impression bridal salon or bridal image(they go by both names..wierd I know!)    My mom surprised me by bringing along my dad! So what I thought was going to be more for Sh*ts and Giggles actually turned out to be my dress purchase! 

I'd been looking at this dress in a magazine for a few weeks but when I booked the appointment I looked at it online and was like ugh wait not for me....  When we got to the salon and I told our consultant Nicole about what I was looking for she actually pulled this one for me, so I figured I'd give it a try! and good thing I did!! because of the sale we got a great deal on the dress too! more than what I wanted to pay but under 750 was a pretty good deal!

The only thing is now...... I'm not getting married until novemeber of next year!!! yikes who does that??? Am I crazy to have bought it so early? Will I miss out on shopping with my BM's ? I'm definitely second guessing the purchase of my dress but I don't think I am second guessing the dress, does that make sense?


Re: Bought my dress!..... Nervous about it

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    I think it's great that you found your dress!  And no, you're not crazy!  I know a lot of brides who've already bought them as well.  My wedding's not until November either so I know what you're going through, but I'm not planning on going dress shopping until the new year.

    But if your dress was under $750 - that's an awesome price and your dress looks way more than $750.  Congrats!
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    I had a good experience at impressions bridal.  Theyre prices are very reasonable.  If you are worried about missing out on shopping with your BMs you can always make a day of it and go to Impressions try on the dress you bought in full gear (veil, jewels...) and then have them try on a few bridesmaid dresses and then go have some lunch.  This way you will still get to have the experience of them ooooohhh-ing and aaaawwww-ing over your dress.
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    beautiful dress! :)
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    Gorgeous!  I love the dropped waist.  Is that the colour that you ordered it in (or got a sample - for $750 my guess is it's a sample)?
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    Stunning dress! Amazing price! You had your mom and MOH with you. They're the most important ones. Having too many people can be confusing, anyways. You were right to grab this dress when you saw it. In fact, you are very lucky.
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    @ agnes16

    I never even thought of that! Thats a wonderful compromise!!! I agree on the having too many people thing especially a few of my rediculously opinionated BMS and FMIL soo that actually works better! thank you for the great idea!


    Yes thats the colour I ordered it in, they tried to sell me the sample but to order it in was only 100 more and I got them to include the alterations and changing the colour of the bands that go around the chest and the waist as well as the flowers, so the dress is gold with Navy blue. The colour looks just like it does in the pictures, I knew I didnt want a white dress but couldn't go too outrageous knowing my traditional fiancee soo this worked out perfect!
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    WOW stunning dress and great price!! You def snagged a great deal, who cares if its a year out! Congrats on finding your gown!
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