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XP: honeymoon (or vacation) ministry

Hi ladies,

My husband and I honeymooned in Mexico, and the resort had a 'library' room, filled almost exclusively with romance books and thriller/crime books.  I think the collection was comprised solely of books that previous guests had left behind.  I checked my bags to see if I had brought along any religious books that I could leave behind, but unfortunately didn't (I just brought along books from my public library).  That said, I'm going to bring some along the next time we vacation.  If the hotel or resort doesn't have a library, I'll leave them in beach/lounge areas and God to give them to someone who needs them (-:

Re: XP: honeymoon (or vacation) ministry

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    great idea! :-)
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    Smart!  When DH and I were married and put our little "library" together, we discovered we had some of the same religious books (I think we - somehow - have three copies of a "Quotes of the Saints" compilation) so this would be a good idea for us.  :-)
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