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Prayers please

Hey ladies,

In a complete whirlwind of events, I applied for a job in PIttsburgh (where my Fiance lives - I'm in Buffalo, NY).  I interviewed for the position on Monday and had an offer Monday night.  I start there on August 27th.  I'm excited about the job and the move, but at the same time I am terrified. 

I am driving to Pittsburgh with my parents tomorrow to look at a few different places.  I'm hoping that by the end of the day...

Regardless of all of that, I am nervous and sad about "closing up" here in Buffalo.  I knew I would be doing it, I just wasn't planning on doing it until closer to the wedding in May. 

Because of the short time frame, I am sort of freaking out about the move.  Getting everything done, having a place to live, adjusting to a new city, etc.  Not to mention wedding details.  (although thankfully most of that has already been planned and taken care of).

Long story short, I'd appreciate some additional prayer support to guide me through this transition in my life.


Re: Prayers please

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    Congrats! on the job! I will definitely pray for you during this transition.
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    Congratulations!  I know all about the whirlwind location change!  It is stressful but so great in the end!



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    Thanks!  Any advice?

    Oh yeah - our parents are meeting for the first time tomorrow too...  I think it will go well but still nervous regardless.
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    I moved when I got married to DH also... 
    So I totally understand the feeling of leaving "everything" and how sad it is.
    My advice- work HARD at making new friends and trying to get a support system, especially with other Catholic young adults, but at the same time, don't be disappointed and do expect it to take like a year to really start feeling connected to new people.
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    Congrats on the job! If you have any questions about places please let me know I am familiar with the area. Where will you be working! Best of luck
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    Pittpoint - I am going to be working in Allegheny Center Mall.  I was in the area  yesterday looking at places and although I know it is not close to that area, I am likely going to a townhouse in Plum.  My fiance and his family live in Monroeville and most of his close friends are in the Plum, Monroeville and Murraysville area. 

    If all goes well when he looks at the place today, we're putting the application in and hoping that I'd be able to move around August 20th. 
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