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los angeles sunday wedding

Hello All,
Im trying to find a Catholic Church in the Los Angeles/Long Beach are that is willing to do a wedding on a Sunday. If anyone knows any can you plz let me know

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    While this is the Catholic board, it is still an international board. I would try re-posting this on the local LA California board. Good luck.
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    here's the website for their archidiocese:

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    It'll have to be a smaller, less popular church because the Catholic church I attended in LA had Mass all Sunday long.
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    Maybe check out the San Feranando Mission. It isn't exactly in the LA area, but very close via the 405 or 5 freeways. I don't think they have many masses on Sundays. You will have to contact them to see if they even do weddings on Sundays and it might be more expensive to be married there because it is a mission. I've only been to one wedding there and it was on a Saturday, but grounds are very beautiful and great for pictures.
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