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Happy Friday everyone!!!  What are your weekend plans?

My weekend should be mostly uneventful.  H has a job interview early Sat morning, and it's probably going to last well into the afternoon.  That means he'll want to get to bed early tonight.  So tonight we'll stay in and get to bed early.  Saturday H will be gone, which means I will have alone time for the first time since I got married. I'm looking forward to relaxing in a hot bath, doing a nice face mask, giving myself a mani/pedi, and maybe reading some.  Nothing too exciting, but I'll enjoy it!  Saturday night we don't have plans as of yet, but I'm thinking we'll hit up the vigil Mass. Sunday afternoon I'm going shopping and getting coffee with my good friend who got married in June.  We haven't really hung out since the weddings, so we're looking forward to it. A nice, simple weekend is just what I need!


Re: Friday!!!!

  • going to a comedy show tonight with a friend. 

    drinks and munchies tomorrow night with some other friends who just bought a house i havent seen yet.

    going to check out a new church on sunday morning that's a bit closer to where i live.
  • Resa, I'm jealous of your Saturday spa-day.  That sounds great!

    My weekend should be fairly uneventful.  Saturday I'll probably do some cleaning, and maybe run to Michael's/Hobby Lobby/Dollar Tree for some odds and ends to finish up a few wedding projects.  Seeing how stressed my friend was trying to do her set-up the night before, I want to get as much done ahead of time as possible!  FI and I should be meeting up with a group of friends for drinks Saturday night.

    I met with our organist last night, and got all the music picked!  FI didn't come with me, although he listened to my potential choices for prelude/processional/recessional ahead of time via YouTube, and OKd those.  He wasn't that into picking music, so our agreement was I could choose whatever I liked, and he wouldn't complain later if he didn't like something :)
  • Erin, what music did you choose?  That was a really stressful aspect of wedding planning for me.  I ended up going with Jupiter for the WP procession, Te Deum for mine, and then Vivaldi Spring for the recessional.  It was awesome, but boy, was it tough to get to that decision!!


  • We picked Largo from Xerxes for the WP processional, also Te Deum for mine, and Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring for the Recessional.  I agree that it wasn't easy!

    I'm blanking on which Responsorial Psalm we chose, and the exact name of the Communion Hymn we picked.  We're using The Summons for our offeratory hymn - it's always been my favorite so I was glad we could incorporate it.
  • Prayers for your hubby's interview Resa!

    Tonight we are getting together with my siblings for dinner.

    Sometime this weekend my hubs will be on TV discussing the Akin stupidity...

    Sat night we are headed into the city, to see a friend's improv group - BUT there is a special surprise as he will be proposing to his girlfriend during the show. SO EXCITED!

    Sunday we go to mass and then will be meeting up with hubs' godmother who is visiting from England.

    Ongoing: we are waiting to hear back on a few job opportunities for the hubs. We are getting close to a dire situation financially so we really need something to work out soon!
  • Riss, I will be keeping your H in my prayers!!

    Soooo I feel like a total lazy failure, but I'm not wanting to go through trying to find an NFP doctor to treat me long distance.  Part of it is that getting blood drawn is my biggest fear in life.  I can't imagine getting blood drawn several times in the course of a week.  Part of it is that I cannot even imagine how expensive it's going to be, but based on the cost of bloodwork in the past, I'm pretty sure we're  talking nearly $1000, especially considering the shipping element.  And on top of all of these reasons, I guess I don't believe it will help.  In my experience, doctors never find anything.  Everything is "in the range of normal" all the time.  Like when I went through a period of time where I fainted all the time....nothing was wrong with me, after spending tons of time and money on testing.  After 2 strokes, nothing was wrong after all that time and money.  I don't want to waste my time and money to find out I'm "normal," depsite the obvious craziness my body exhibits.  I'm tempted to just take the progesterone I was prescribed and not care if my blood was tested.  And it definitely doesn't help that H thinks it's a waste of time and money, too. 

    Okay, so that's my confession of the day!


  • Prayers for husbands' jobs, girls!

    My sister is coming to visit today.  Hopefully she's about halfway here by now.  I'm just going to be planning more lessons and relaxing.  =)

    I got a very pleasant surprise yesterday -- MIL offered to purchase a plane ticket for H to come to Dallas Labor Day weekend so he can go down to his grandmother's birthday party!  It's going to be a surprise for everyone, so I'm so excited!



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